Our Trainings


Our team hosts webinars addressing school and child care center nutrition. Sign up for your next online training.

In-Person Trainings

We offer in-person trainings for individuals responsible for school and child care center nutrition. Find one near you.

School Site Chef Consultation

During the Cooking for Kids Chef Consultation, an industry trained consulting chef will partner with the SFA to assess needs and develop a personalized action plan for the school district. This will be achieved through a series of onsite visits during the school year. The service is provided at no charge to the school district. An on-site consultation with one of our professional chefs will teach you how to:

  • Develop your menu
  • Assess your procurement process and equipment
  • Develop work schedules
  • Develop and implement a marketing plan

Priority will be given to those school districts that have completed Culinary Skill Development Training and Child Nutrition Leadership Training.