Oklahoma State University

Deana Hildebrand, PhD, RD, SNS, LD Project Director, Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences

Tiffany Poe, Senior Consulting Chef, School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration

Barbara Brown, PhD, RD Food Specialist, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension, Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences 

Cass Ring, Education Outreach Coordinator

Craig Woods, Videographer

Steve Ruby, JD, School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration

Ursula O’Hara, Communication Specialist, Nutritional Sciences

Oklahoma State Department of Education

Debbie Hamilton, Executive Director of Child Nutrition Programs

Patricia Beutler, Director of Training

Oklahoma Child Nutrition Directors

Lisa Griffin, RD

Pilot Schools

Chickasha Public Schools

Coweta Public Schools

Enid Public Schools

Lomega Public Schools

Mid-Del Public Schools

Sterling Public Schools