Flavor vs. Taste: Food for thought at WHS

Posted on December 17, 2018

Consulting Chef Bill Harris is not only tweaking the Wagoner Public Schools lunch menus, but educating students about the culinary arts, too.

That was the case on Wednesday, Dec. 5, when Kim Johnson’s ‘Introduction to Culinary’ class spent time studying: Flavor vs. Taste.

Harris, who is part of the Cooking for Kids state program, handed out different flavor samples. The students were told to taste each and find out where that particular flavor receptor on the tongue was located.

There were sweet examples and sour tastes to endure.

After that was done, the students were asked to mix their own mini-salad dressing.

While they mixed and re-mixed, Harris gave the history of taste and biology and why certain areas of the mouth ignited a taste sensation.

“We’ve isolated every single taste,” Harris said of the experiment.

The salad dressings made were in the vinaigrette family. The students then named their new creations.

“I love sour stuff,” said Mary Bobo of her dressing.

“I learned the difference between taste versus flavor,” said Cheyenne Belvin.

“I’ve done about 25 of these demonstrations,” said Harris. “These (from Wagoner) are the most engaged and willing to learn. I think a lot of the thanks go to their teacher.”

Bobo agreed with Belvin about where the tastes are activated on the tongue.

“I learned a lot,” Bobo said. “We are learning a lot about cooking and I’ve become a better cook.”

That’s the kind of feedback that gives Harris food for thought on what to tackle next for Wagoner Public Schools.

Staff Writer