• Deana Hildebrand

    Deana Hildebrand

    Project Director

  • Cass Ring

    Cass Ring

    Project Manager

  • Callie Fowler

    Callie Fowler

    Chef Callie Fowler grew up in the kitchen with her family, honing a love of cooking into a successful career. She attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and earned a spot in its exclusive manager-in-training program. Callie went on to work in and open several restaurants in New York, Colorado, California, and in her home state of Oklahoma.

    Callie has her own consulting business and has been working with child nutrition across the state of Oklahoma since 2014. Her efforts to bring health and nutritional education to children make her a perfect partner for Cooking for Kids.

  • Bill Harris

    Bill Harris

    Born in Kirksville, Missouri, Bill has had a small town mentality from the beginning but food exploration has taken him to live in over 15 cities, gathering ideas to incorporate into his life menu. From Tulsa to Chicago, Tokyo and San Diego, his passion has always been food - good food. His Tulsa Thyme Bistro was a staple for seven years until he got a corporate nudge and ran Child Nutrition programs for outlining public school districts.

    He is proud to be a part of the local food movement, through consulting in local catering companies, being a board member of Tulsa Real Good Food, and gardening with his dad. These experiences help to generate ideas to provide healthy food for students, parents, and school members.

    Cooking for Kids is a perfect marriage of all his endeavors and the future is bright for bringing knowledge and fun of food for kids of all ages.

  • Jennie Till

    Jennie Till

    Evaluation Coordinator

  • Cole Dillman

    Cole Dillman

    Graduate Research Assistant