Meet The Chefs

Our chefs are here to help you with hands-on training in the kitchen. They’re not just trained culinary experts – they’re passionate about helping kids throughout Oklahoma eat right. You can request a chef consultation here.

  • Tiffany Poe

    Tiffany Poe

    Chef Tiffany Poe has a storied background in the field of child nutrition. She worked with school districts to incorporate the Oklahoma Farm to School program, in which schools obtain fresh, locally sourced ingredients directly from producers. She graduated with honors from The Culinary Institute of America and Oklahoma State University, and she now works as a clinical faculty member in OSU’s School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration.

    Tiffany’s passion for child nutrition led her to become involved with Cooking for Kids as one of the program’s leading chef consultants. She helps guide the leadership team in culinary training and liaises with the chef community.

  • Valarie Carter

    Valarie Carter

    Chef Valarie Carter studied culinary arts at The Art Institute of Atlanta. She focused her talents on working as a personal chef, as well as in noted hotels and country clubs, and served as a culinary arts faculty instructor at the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology for five years. She currently serves on the board of the Tulsa Farmers’ Market and the OSUIT culinary arts advisory board.

    Valarie donates her culinary skills to benefit local philanthropic organizations, and her work with Cooking for Kids will help nutrition professionals across the state learn how to prepare and implement local, sustainable food.

  • Callie Fowler

    Callie Fowler

    Chef Callie Fowler grew up in the kitchen with her family, honing a love of cooking into a successful career. She attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and earned a spot in its exclusive manager-in-training program. Callie went on to open several restaurants in California and, after returning to her home state, downtown Tulsa.

    Callie serves as the executive chef of child nutrition for Union Public Schools. Her efforts to bring health and nutritional education to children make her a perfect partner for Cooking for Kids.

  • Bill Harris

    Bill Harris

    Born in Kirksville, Missouri, Bill has had a small town mentality from the beginning. He has lived in over 20 cities, gathering ideas to incorporate into his life menu. From Tulsa to Chicago, Tokyo and San Diego, his passion has always been food - good food. His Tulsa Thyme Bistro was a staple for seven years until he got a corporate nudge and ran Child Nutrition programs for outlining public school districts.

    His newest endeavor rested at the locally owned Reasor's Grocery as a part of the creative engine for their flagship store on Brookside. He is proud to be a part of the local food movement, found in Oklahoma's Healthy Cornerstore Initiative to continue outreach and solution to provide healthy food for students, parents, and school members.

    Cooking for Kids is a perfect marriage of all his endeavors and the future is bright for bringing knowledge and fun of food for kids of all ages.

  • Ginger Lugo

    Ginger Lugo

    Chef Ginger Lugo has been making her mark on the culinary scene for more than 18 years. She and her husband shared a love of cuisine at their fine dining restaurant in Guthrie before she turned her talents toward education. Ginger is a certified executive pastry chef with the American Culinary Federation and has been an instructor of culinary arts at Francis Tuttle Technology Center for the past four years.

    Ginger is excited to partner with Cooking for Kids – she is passionate about bringing better nutrition to Oklahoma kids and families. She is driven to see this program have an impact across the state and spread to schools nationwide.

  • Tara Burkhead

    Tara Burkhead

    Chef Tara Burkhead’s career began in baking and cake decorating, which led to work as a pastry chef in a New York resort. She moved into a role as a hospital nutrition supervisor, then brought her expertise to a large school system in North Carolina, where she managed the school cafeterias. She relocated to Oklahoma to teach at Tri County Technology Center, where she is a culinary arts instructor specializing in baking instruction.

    Tara’s extensive experience with providing healthy lunches for schools, coupled with her talents as an educator, make her a valuable addition to Cooking for Kids’ roster of chefs.

  • Robin Obert

    Robin Obert

    Chef Robin Obert grew up in a culinary environment, thanks to her family’s restaurant business, and developed a passion for healthy, delicious cooking. She attended, and later taught in, the culinary program at Platt College, and she graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a culinary management degree. She now brings nutrition to students as the district executive chef for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

    Robin regularly visits schools to cook meals for students, and she enjoys seeing them realize how tasty unfamiliar and healthy foods can be.